Grad School

In Pennsylvania your teaching certificate is only good for 6 years. In that time you need a certain number of credits and then you need to apply for your permanent certificate. If you want tenure, you need a master’s degree. I’ve been at this school for 3 years. And I’ve just completed the first step towards these things.

I got accepted into grad school this morning.

Now I just need to work out the little details, like… how do I pay for it? How much of my time is this going to eat up? What if I suck at it?

I applied with every expectation of getting in. I’m smart. I’m not a terrible student. But now that I’m in, all the terror I shoved down to force myself to apply is popping up again. I hate school. Like really hate it. I have trouble placing value on it. I like learning stuff and knowing stuff, but school makes me reallie, reallie uncomfortable.

The thought of paying for it is giving me anxiety too. Do I really need MORE school debt? Don’t I have enough already? Especiallie, since according to the government, I make too much money to qualify for loan forgiveness.

Anyway. Now that I’ve had my freak out it’s time to go be an adult and fill out my FASFA and apply for loans.


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