My Participation Award.

Millennials are spoiled. They’re lazy. They’re entitled. They expect awards just for showing up.

I count as a Millennial. I also count as Generation Y. And I’m so tired of this generational bullshit.

It’s Hitler’s fault.

There was a war and lots of people died.  And people came home and made babies. Lots and lots of babies. Such an increase that they changed the way we do things. They changed the economy and the job market and the nation, just by existing. They weren’t attributed personalitie traits until later.

But once they had been, you had to have other generational names to describe the rest of the generations. And they needed personality traits. And so we took an ENTIRE generation of people and labeled them. no allowances for circumstance or personalitie.

And now I’m lazy and entitled and spoiled. And so many people take this as gospel. Smart people. Good people. They don’t know me. They’ll never meet me. But they’ve judged me. On a measure as scientific as my zodiac sign.

I’m just tired of it.

I was reading the publisher’s blurb for a book today and there it was. This book will give me the straight talk that I didn’t get from my parents. The strong prose that’s the slap in the face I need to cure my lazy entitled ways. I had wanted to read this book. And now…

I’m not sure. The author doesn’t write the blurb. The blurb’s author’s opinions aren’t necessarilie the author’s opinions. But presumably the blurb guy read the book and took his cue from the author. I guess the key is to be a better person. To not judge the author based on this blurb guy. But still…

Fuck you blurb guy. Maybe we stop making sweeping generalizations about people. Race, religion, political party, when you were born. Maybe we try to imagine people complexlie.


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Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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