The Curse

Every month I bleed out of my uterus. It leaks through the tiny hole that is my cervix and then out of my body via my vagina. Every month since I was 14 and for at least another 20 years barring surgery or illness. And when I was young it was annoying and uncomfortable. And now it’s just a thing that happens. Like rain. Or a dead cell phone battery.

I have just finished reading The Red Tent. I read it at the urging of my female friends who said that I would never feel more proud to have my period. But while I liked the book and enjoyed reading it. I didn’t feel about it like they did. I felt like it was saying that a woman is only her period, her uterus, her ability to bear children. I didn’t feel empowered. I felt trapped.

I want to understand my friends’ points of view. I want to get why something that seems like the worst part of the book, makes it the best to them. I wonder if it depends on how you feel about your period, or children. I’m not sure.

Normally, when I am the only person who feels a certain way about a thing I don’t worry about it. I mean if you don’t value your own opinion, who else will. But this time it bothered me. Four of my female friends loved this book. Loved it enough to give it 5 starts on Goodreads and recommend it to me. I gave it three and will likely not remember much about it in a month.

Maybe I already felt proud of my body? Maybe I just don’t think of it as something to be proud of? Maybe it’s just not the book for me. I read the author interview at the end. And the book club discussions. And I think it’s important to clarify… I do like the book. I think it is a good book. A well written and interesting storie. I just didn’t love it like they loved it. Maybe that’s ok. But I guess, it’s true regardless.

But maybe if you loved it, you could tell me why.




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