Friday Feeling

It’s May the Fourth today. I hope you knew that. I also hope you know that this makes it Star Wars day.  I got to wear jeans and my Star Wars tee to work today. It was lovely and this evening we are going to see Gaurdians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. I’m prettie excited.

It’s also, unrelentingly, Thursday. But it FEELS like Friday. It doesn’t help that I get to go to the beach tomorrow. I keep contemplating taking off tomorrow, but if i do i can’t take off on the 15th, which would give me a 4 day weekend. I am just SO impatient for this day to be over.

It’s nice out right now and it isn’t supposed to be tomorrow. All kinds of ickie storms. I want to leave for the beach… and I can.

I took off. I’m going to the beach tomorrow morning!


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