The Problem with Book Riot

I like books. I like reading books. I like reading about books. And so, I like Book Riot.

Book Riot is a blog, a blog ALL ABOUT books. And I read it. It’s good and funny and nerdy in a way that intersects with SO MANY of my interests. I love Book Riot.

So how could there be any problems?


I never had a TBR list. Not really. Maybe 6 books that my friends INSISTED I read. They suggested books so infrequently that I could read them all before a LIST accumulated. Then Book Riot happened.

They send you articles about new books. They send you lists.

5 Books to watch for in April
100 Must read books for understanding US social policy
45 Books about Families

And you only add some. The ones that really catch your eye, or have prettie covers, or wierd titles.

Then there’s the 100 books about… whatever the heck.

100 must read books about the history of medicine
100 must read books set in new england
100 must read titles about women’s history

And of course you don’t add all of them, BUT…

read about 5-8 articles from Book Riot everyday. This means I add AT LEAST a book a day.

On average I read 4 books a week. And sure, that’s a lot. I’m trying to read down my TBR. But I can do the math…

Add 7 books per week to the TBR.
Read 4.

Net 3 books each week.

And this is me TRYING. I’m cranking through books. I read every spare minute I have now. And I don’t even OPEN the “100 must read books about whatever” lists anymore.

Intelectuallie, I KNOW that I can never read all the books. But I don’t feel it. I figure, if over the summer I stop reading Book Riot every other week, I both increase my time for reading and decrease the new books to be read. I could maybe get my TBR back down to a manageable 300.

Still… Book Riot is a problem. It is dangerous. And you always want to know your enemy, so obviously you should go check it out.


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1 Response to The Problem with Book Riot

  1. I’ve never heard of Book Riot before but it sounds absolutely brilliant and I must therefore seek it out immediately …!

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