a storie of complexitie

It is a storie too. I am thus and so, but not thus and so. And we tell it to ourselves. And other people tell it for us. Sometimes we like their storie and we take their storie and we add it to our own.

And the legend of the Bear grew. The bear was cuddlie and loyal, but it was not a tame bear.

In this way we make ourselves who we want to be in our heads. And in our heads we are the heros. The good guys. The ethiclie sketchie but definitelie well meaning protagonist.

No one goes, “I am going to be the villain. That is my part in life.”

And I think this makes it easier to think about others. Which is a thing I have taken to doing in this time of trouble.

I try to think of them with that phrase that John Green uses. The name of the VlogBrothers’ new companie.

Complexlie. And it’s hard, because there are people that I think of as being on my side. As if sides was as easie as lying. As if I agreed with their every word.

My friend tonight said that she wished that Donald Trump was dead. I do not think that Donald Trump is a nice man. I do not think he thinks of others. I do not think he is in anyway qualified to govern a country.

But, and this is where I get into trouble with my side, I do not think that these things necessarilie make him a bad president. I certainly do not think he is deserving of a death wish.

Between Thursday and Saturday little has changed. It is easie to look at one man and hold him responsible for the minor evils of a nation. Look at Hitler. He was not a good person, he did many bad things, but the evil he did, he did not do alone.

Oh but you will say that the Nazis were also evil. And I will say an entire nation of evil people? Certainlie it is a comforting fiction. They were ALL evil and so they could not help but do bad things.

As if we did not all do bad things.

Granny Weatherwax says that sin is treating people like things. And it’s a good definition. But we all do it. We all simplify things to the point where it is easie to put people in boxes.

If you voted for Trump they say that you supported anti LBGTQA(and possibly more As) feeling. That you are anti woman. That you hate the environment.

And they aren’t wrong. Which is important.

But it’s also important to remember that everyone places different value on different things. I have friends and I have a husband and if someone told me to choose between my friends or my husband it would be an easie choice. I’m not saying I’d feel good about it, but it would be easie.

We all pretend that we don’t make these value judgements. It’s one of the silliest things about people I sometimes think. We’ve made judgie a bad word.

But the people who voted for Trump don’t necessarilie hate me. Although I’m sure that some reallie ARE anti woman, anti LBGTQA. They just thought other things were more important. And that is where the problems start.

In any group of people priorities will differ. And it is so easie to write off priorities that aren’t yours. To say they are unimportant. To look down on the people who have those priorities.

We as a people are not naturalie empathtic. We are biologicallie inclined to fear the other. To decry his ways as immoral or injust. And it is not a fault of BOTH sides, because that is a false dilemma, but a fault of ALL sides.

And incase I am misunderstood. I am not telling you to stand silent. Bears loathe silence, but I am telling you also to listen. And to imagine with a whole lot of complexitie.


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Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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