usually used to describe a sexual preference for something, usually a non sexual thing. In this case, a brewery.

Not that I have a brewery fetish, although I’d totally have sex in a brewery if that weren’t completely unsanitary for the beer, but Fetish is the name of the brewery.


It’s two rooms off a garage on Ice Avenue. The building is beige. The awning is red. There’s no sign. Three brass numbers on the door are your only clue that you’re in the right spot.


Sometimes the garage door is open. The beer is always good. The people are always friendly. (Unless they’re mad about your feelings on pizza.) The walls are all chalk board paint. There’s a large vinyl collection. And if you’re tired of standing there are about 7 stools and a couch.

15 people feels like a full house.

The hours a great… and terrible. 4 hours on Friday & Saturday afternoons. Great you ask?

4 hours is plenty of time to be at the bar. There’s no food (unless you count bowls of pretzels & chips), so staying longer is probably not a good idea. (Although, I will not hesitate to say that I’ve had food delivered before.) 4 hours means it’s an appointment. If you can make it you try.

Do I wish they were open later, or more often? Of course. I love being there. I’d stay all night, but even the hour I get on a Friday night is enough. (more like two hours, depending on how long it takes them to kick me out)

The beer, with one exception is lovely.

The exception?

The Worst Beer We Make. 12961669_977709505643091_771876037643937946_n

It was supposed to be a Sorghum based sour beer. It’s bland. It smells of feet. And has a slight NOT BEER taste. It’s 2.50 a pint and sells like hot cakes. It’s got a 2.6 on Untappd.

They’ve been closed for a week, and they’re saying it’ll prollie be at least one more. Am I crying?  Not yet, but it’s been a trial.

On the plus side…

This year for my birthday, my favorite boy bought me a membership in their CSB. CSB? Community Supported Beer. I give them money and much like the excess of veggies that shows up from CSAs… I get beer. (you can’t have an excess of beer)

Tomorrow night I’m going to The Fridge for my very first pick up. I’m all kinds of excited. And hopefullie it will tide me over until they open again.



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