Time & Space

I watch a lot of Sci Fi. I read a lot of Sci Fi. Time & Space is Everything.

But reallie I think it’s time.

And even if physicist say they are the same thing, they aren’t to me… and maybe they can’t be to me, in any way that isn’t theoretical.

But if you can conquer time, the world is yours.  It doesn’t matter if you conquer space as well, because you have the time to get anywhere.

You have time to read in, and watch tv in, and be a productive member of societie. Being an adult is a full time job. Heck, if you’re doing a good job at it, having a social media presence is a full time job. And also, having a job is a full time job.

That’s three 8 hour days 5 -6 days a week that you are supposed to fit into your life. 120 hours, plus add in another 40 for sleep.  That’s 160 hours in a 168 hour week.

Assuming perfect time management and productivity, that leaves you 8 hours a week to do other stuff. Watch TV, Read, Play Video Games, go on a hike.

And of course perfect time management and productivity are a myth. People are not robots to carry on regardless, whatever they might wish.

So it’s time we need to conquer. To live in an infinite second and make it feel like an eternity. Course, we could just give up on being a good adult, a good social media person, a good member of the communitie and a good sleeper. We can be ok at lots of things in a 168 hour week.

You just gotta decide whats important.


About SleepieBear

Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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