Keeping the promise anyway

When I was 17 I met a boy and we were friends. What happened to that boy?  Well he’s gone. He wears jeans now… although he’s kept the graphic tees and plaid button t shirts. He’s changed. And he’s not the same boy in the same way that William Hartnett is not Peter Capaldi.

But I loved that boy. And that boy is gone, and sometimes I miss him, but I love the boy he has become. And a few months ago I promised to love all the people he may one day become.

John Green wrote (paraphrased because lazie) that you don’t always know the promise you make when you’re making, but love is keeping the promise anyway.

And that’s what I think when people ask me how I like married life (Which is apparently a reallie popular questions) I have known this boy for 13 years. I have loved him for almost as many. We have dated for 6 years. We have owned a house for 3. We have only been married for 2 months.

Give me time to keep my promises and I’ll let you know. Because so far.  It’s the same.


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