your head gets itchy.  your skin crawls.

But if you are a rational thinking person, you know it’s just a bug. You know that there’s very little evidence that it spreads in any way other than head to head contact.  Studies show that headchecks in school are a waste of man power and time.

Yet they’re mandated my school board.  My school board insists on them because parents complain.

The number one thing that teachers complain about is the way we cater to parents.

These people go to school for years.  They attend professional development.  They maintain a license.  And they get dictated to by people who know nothing about what they do or why they do it.

And it’s worse if you’re a nurse in a school.  Your boss is usually an administrator whose training is as a teacher. And you are on your own.  You are the only nurse in your building.

The lice thing bothers me because it is the most studied, most common, most obvious thing.

Lice are not a danger.  To keep a child out of school, to bar them from education for lice, is cruel. It’s wrong.

“Lice are not particularly contagious, they hurt basically no one, and they’re not a public health risk. Lice don’t actually matter. It’s high time that squeamish parents and school administrators stop acting like they do.”

This move away from no nit policies is backed by The American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Association of School Nurses.

There’s plenty of proof that getting lice is hard.  Really hard. They don’t fly or jump.  THey don’t spread disease. And by the time they’re discovered they’ve been there for weeks. Removing a child from their education is cruel and pointless.

We need to think about school policy.  It should be based on facts and reality and not on the random whim of a loud parent. Schools with “no-nit” policies are living in the dark ages. And preventing kids, especially in a district like mine, where so many are already disadvantaged, from going to school, is criminal.

That sentence got away from me, but the point stands. No-Nit Policies are WRONG. Ignoring the advice of your trained and licensed staff is WRONG. Keeping healthy kids out of school is WRONG.


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Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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