Doing Science

Science is that 20 minutes at the bar before someone pulls out their phone to google the answer.  It’s that conversation you have in bed about why the dog does this or that.  Science is what you talk about when you’re walking down the street trying to decide who’s way of looking is the best, the most honest, the most right.

Science is taught in class rooms. You learn about Marie Curie and John Snow (Father of Epidemiology, not member of Night Watch) and Gregor Mendel. You learn dates and facts and you memorize the equation for calculating work.

Is it force over distance?

And you get taught the scientific method. but it’s for people with phDs and the title Doctor. For people who know about molecular bonds and dark matter and ion channels.  It’s not for me.

But it IS.

It’s so we can understand our world. And once upon a time the best scientists in the world believed things that we know aren’t true. They believed in bodily humors and blood letting and that the world was the center of a creation that was made by the genitalia of some god’s father.

And they were wrong, but they thought about it.  and they did tests. and the world is a complicated place and you can’t know everything. But you can think about it. and you can do tests and you can believe the evidence. AND STILL KEEP LOOKING.

Answers aren’t forever. Science is.


About SleepieBear

Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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