“In the begining, there was nothing, which exploded.”

Two years before i was born, a young journalist interviewed a man who would later be called “The Master of Wacky Words”.  Douglas Adams wrote Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and that young journalist wrote a book entitled Don’t Panic.  And these events changed my life.  

My senior year of high school my english teacher told us we would need to write a research paper on a book.  I raised my hand, “Any book?” 

 “Any book.”  

I choose the Hitchiker’s Guide beacuse I loved it.  It was the best thing I’d ever read.  And I set off to research it.  I started with a slim volume entitled Don’t Panic.  It was hysterical, as I had never known that a non fiction cook could be.  And I set off in search of it’s author.

I read American Gods first. Then Star Dust and then I found Good Omens.

A collaboration of this genius man and some guy I’d never heard of. It was amazing and perfect.  So I went to the book store and in the Ps I found a single book by this other guy.

Small Gods.

I own them all now.  I even met him once. His last convention in America. And he changed my life.

Which is a stoopid thing that people say. It’s a thing that annoys me to hear. But, here I am saying it anyway.

He wrote about the trousers if time, and he talks about how anything can happen somewhere. But in one of my favorited he says that he thinks that who you are inside makes that not true. That there are some choices you just would never make.

And so while there might be many universes where, perhaps, I never read a Terry Pratchett book, there are none, where once I had… I did not love them.

He also wrote that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken.

I will never be done telling the world about Terry Pratchett.


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