Today in Summary

I’ve been being bad a updating. It’s life. Sometime I get so busy doing life that I lack the time to be truly introspective about my life. Which is both good and bad.

Bad because sometimes it’s good to have those few moments to think things over.  To put things in perspective. To really decide how you feel about things. Good because sometimes, when you have too much time to think about things, you over think, and you get things wrong because the voice in your head who is you, get nervous and touchie.

But today has been a day and it’s not even half done.  Today is Radish day at my school.  The school participates in a Fruit & veggie Grant. Where a local farm provides fruits and veggies everyday for the kids to try.  In my head it has it’s goods and bads.  The bads?  Radish Day.  Ever eaten a plain radish?  all by itself?  Ever meet anyone who, having done this, goes “MMMM YUM!!!”

The goods?  They’re trying these things.  These kids who probably don’t see these foods on a regular basis are being introduced and taught the value of at least trying it.  Of not just saying “EW”.  It was in this spirit that I put the radish in my mouth this morning. So there was that. My mouth is still burning.

I also am starting to feel like I’ve got a handle on this.  LIke I know what I’m doing and I could be good at this. I can plan and prepare with student’s parents and with teachers, It’s nice to feel like you could be good at your job. I gave a talk to Kindergarteners (which literally means, in the German that we stole the word from, Child Garden) about what a hearing screening is.  And how we go about doing one.  And I don’t know if they learned anything that will stick, but I know I did.

I learned that kindergarteners are not grown ups in miniature.  And I had been taught this, repeatedly, in any number of classes on child development.  But hearing and knowing are different things.  Today those kindergartners heard what a hearing test is.  On Tuesday they will know.  And that I suppose is really the difference between me and them.  I’ve learned things that don’t get said, by doing them, by having them done to me.

Anyway… tonight is Mandar’s bridal shower, and whatever troubles have been had in the planning stages, I’m excited.  Also it’s lunch and I’m starving.  I am once again out of time to be introspective in.


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