I read my first real e-book last week… Not that I hadn’t read an e-book before, but that I hadn’t taken advantage of the options offered by e-books.

Previouslie, I read at home, mostlie in bed. This time I read everywhere, in the bathroom at work, microwaving lunch, while on hold with Capital One.

This time I also highlighted something. It was some thing I had done accidentallie before, but now I did it on purpose. It changed me. I’d always believed that writing in your books was wrong. Possiblie sacrilegious.

Now… well, I’m not sure. It would give the books character, and personalize them, and it’s not as if I plan to get rid if them… So what’s the harm?

I’m still not sure, so in lieu of writing in a book…

“… I was ambitious to be a writer, and any person nursing such a lunatic and unwholesome aim in life should be subjected to every chastisement possible, to drive the devil out, as it were.”

– Molly Lefebure (Murder on the Home Front)


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Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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