Who should we kill?

So yesterday at work, my boss mentioned an activity she used to do with her students.  This is the activity:

You’re in a bomb shelter with 12 other people.  A nuclear bomb has just gone off.  There is radiation outside that prevents you from leaving the bomb shelter.  However, there are not enough resources (food, water, air) for 12 people for the length of time you will need to remain in the shelter to wait for the radiation to dissipate.  5 people need to leave the shelter.  You are the omnipotent god who must choose those five people, from among this list: 


And I made my choices easilie.  There’s only one I had difficulty with.  But then I showed the activity to my friends.  They started applying the activity to our group of friends.  And oddly, it’s upset me.  I geuss i feel like if you have the foresight to build a radiation proof, air tight bomb shelter, you should have the foresight to stock it with enough food for all your friends.

Although maybe it’s like a guest list at a wedding.  There are 200 people you should invite but only room for 130 at the venue.  Lose 70 people.  

It was easy with those 12 strangers to say which ones to get rid of.  Their deaths are so abstract.  I can be logical, about their ages, and their career experiences.  I can be detached about their feelings.  I can cheerfullie send them out into the radiation.  

It’s harder with friends.  I’m not going to kill them.  Regardless of weather or not i suffocate two weeks in, they’re staying.  

Still, if strangers need to be killed it’s  Michelle, Reva, Stephen, Derrick, and Brandon


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