The Storie

So you meet someone and you like them and you kiss and maybe a little more and maybe you start dating… And then it’s time to tell your storie…

This is the storie of how we met.

It should be sweet and romantic and it should show just how special your relationship is…

So here it is.

We met in high school.  He dated a friend of mine. I thought he was a bit weird… We had a class together and I thought he was sweet… A bit of a sucker. They broke up and the friendship ended, but I saw him more often…

We were friends. And then we kissed…
And maybe a little more…
And I wanted to date him…
But the time was never right…

And we grew up.
We went to college.
We dated other people.

And then one day the time was right.

And to me it’s a magical thing… That a dream you had given up on should come true.

And one day that boy you’ve loved for too long to really talk about it, might ask you a question.
He might show you a TARDIS and say “Come with me.”

It’s the storie of who we are.  It’s the storie of how we got here.  And it’s sad and it’s happie and it’s ours.
Sometimes he worries that our storie isn’t good enough, but Timmie…
If you ever want to tell our storie, remember it my way.


About SleepieBear

Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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