An Epic Quest

Should anyone flatter us by asking us what we are searching for, we think immediately, almost instinctively, in vast terms—God, fulfillment, love—but our lives are actually made up of tiny searches for things … Add them together, and these things make up an epic quest. —Geoff Dyer

I read a lot of fantasy.  And in fantasy what happens is: a group of people are gathered together for the purpose of the epic quest.

The epic quest isn’t always a search, but there’s a goal.  Sometimes the goal is the gathering of the people.  Sometimes it’s slaying a dragon, sometimes it’s throwing a ring into a volcano, sometimes it’s living your life in a way you can be happie with.

And sometimes it’s hard to forget to think in the sense of epic quests.  Sometimes you want to be the kind of heroic that Augustus Waters strives to be.  You want the big finish, the impracticallie impressive.  You want to laugh at your mortalitie and dare history to remember you as anything less than a legend.

But, really you’re Hazel Grace Lancaster, and an epic quest is cleaning your house, or doing your homework, or any of the small but myriad things that make a life.

It’s hard to see the epic quest sometimes.

And you wonder how Bilbo felt when he set out that morning.  Or how Arthur Dent felt when he realized that he would never see the Earth again.

And sometimes you can sit in your living room and see how far you’ve come and be proud.  So what I want to do, is remember those moments.  Remember that victories that you’ve acheived.  Review your “To Done” list.  Admit that things are hard for you and feel proud of the victories you HAVE attained.

You can’t have everything.  This is a fact.  And each thing that you get rules out so many other things that you might have instead.  Chose the things that make you happie, and don’t regret the person you aren’t.

THIS… is your epic quest.  Write it down someday.


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