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#HannahHart, #MyHarto, #@Harto, #YourHartoSo this is Hannah Hart.  Once upon a time she got drunk and tried to make grilled cheese.  She taped this and posted it to the internet.  And I fell in love.

It’s a ridiculous thing to say.

I’ve never met the girl.  But isn’t that the magic of the internet?  That false sense of familiarity.  Like you’re best friends.

But despite the title of this post I’m not here to discuss the way I feel about Hannah Hart.

I’m here to tell you about her To Done list.  It is genius.

(This is one of those chicken and egg things.  Do I love the To Done List because it’s hers?  Or do I love her because she thought up To Done Lists?)

So instead of making a list about all the things you’re supposed to do and then doing it.  After you’ve done something you make a list of what it is you’ve done.  You’ll never feel bad about all that you’ve failed to accomplish.  And you can be proud that you did in fact accomplish something.

Like I said.  Genius.

Why now?  Why Today?

It’s been a stressie week.  And normally my obsessive war on entropy does not allow me the leisure of taking pleasure in my small victories, but instead taunts me with my many and varied defeats.

But Today.  Is Friday.

I’m getting my hair cut.  And going out to dinner.  At the beach.

To Done!


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