So Retro…

So Nikki an’ Dan took me an’ Timmie to see Wreck It Ralph.  It was sooper awesome amazing.  We went to the cheap theater and I got Sno Caps.  It was awesome.

There was a quote from the movie tho that I particularlie liked, because I’ve been thinking about it.

“The gamers say we’re ‘Retro’ which I think means ‘Old but cool’.”

So I’m older.  Getting to thirty.  I don’t have too many friends that aren’t married or engaged.  And it seems like there’s more every month.  But I don’t feel old.  Timmie and I had off Tuesday for New Years and we spent the day on the couch playing Assassin’s Creed.  The thing is we still have our grown up things to do.  There’s still dinner and dishes and laundry and the trash.  We have to remember to go to bed so we can get up on time for work.

And there’s a XKCD strips…
Grown Ups
Blanket Fort

They talk about being a grown up.  And how we get to decide what it means.  How we don’t have to pretend that things aren’t fun or not feel proud of our accomplishments.  Or the way you feel at 27 talking to an investment advisor about your retirement account.

You’re all confidence and polish.  You’ve read and read and you sound like you know what you’re walking about.  But on the inside you’re shouting.  I cannot believe we are having this conversation.  I cannot believe I’m fooling this guy.  I spent the past week in my PJs playing video games and reading and now I’m investing quite a bit of money in an account for when I RETIRE!

And there’s another fun question they ask you when you’re planning for retirement.  How long do you think you’ll spend in retirement?
It’s a polite way of asking when do you think you’ll die.  And that’s a wierd question to answer.  Because you don’t want to die young, but you don’t want to live to be too old cause you’ll run out of money.  I use 90.  But even that’s a bit wierd.

So here I am 27 playing video games, watching movies at the cheap theater with my boyfriend, and planning for my retirement.

I’m SOOOOO Retro!


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