The true truth

Timmie read me a storie tonight that he found on the Internet… About Ronald Opus… Read it if you haven’t. I asked if it was true… And looked it up on Snopes, like I’ve started doing since the Moonmelon Dissappointment.

It is a made up storie. But in the Snopes article there was a line… “Ronald Opus never lived, but his death will never die.”

It’s a good line… and it reminds me of another good line, “All stories are true.”

And this is a thing I think about. About the truth of stories and the lack of a true truth.

In relation to the line about Ronald, I think about what the definition of living is. About a science class I had when I was younger that listed criteria for life. About a page in “The Andromeda Strain” that used those same rules in a new way. About Discworld books… “All things strive.” And I wonder if its fair to say that Ronald Opus never lived.

Certainly more people know of him than of me. They know a bit of his life and all about his heartbreaking death.

But it’s not a true truth. Sheldon Cooper would accept none of these arguments, but, of course he is not real either.

I read once that the word buddha actuallie means “one who sees the truth”. I don’t even know if that is true, but then truth is almost a paradox and if you think about it too long your head hurts and you start to wonder if there reallie is any such thing.

Donna Boyle once wrote that “perception is realitie”. And perhaps someone more famous said it first, but she said it too. And I go with that, for the most part.

The truth is true… Fact. And so are manie things.



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