If by excited…

you mean petrified and full of regret…

So I was watching Hank Green of the Vlogbrothers talk about why life is terrifiying, and I agreed.  Oh I agreed so much.  But I think he left out one bit that makes things easier. 

Knowing that someone thinks you’re ok, makes things easier.  Knowing that there are people who care and who want to be there for you makes things easier.  It makes standing in the crowd easier.  It makes speaking your mind easier. 

Knowing that people are glad you’re about you existing is good. 

And this past weekend was good for that.  It was good for feeling where you belong and for learning how to be less terrified.  And I love knowing that there’s a place where I fit.  Where however weird I am, there’s people who appreciate… even if they don’t always understand.  Where there’s a need for me. 

So Techie Turkey Day was a success… Furnished by a conglomerate of Nikki, Me and Shumaker PDT.  Food by everyone.  Elegance by N. E. Hartman, Party Planner Extraordinaire.  Timmie was ill and there was definatelie a Timmie shaped hole, but it was good times and grateful times.

Kat N Mer came and it was nice.  Thank you all for making it that way.  I’m incrediblie thankful.


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