The Good Life.

So Today is Friday.  First Friday in fact.  And since I got home earlie, I walked uptown to see the Shumaker Boys… mine in particular.  And then we meandered out for dinner and drinks.  It’s gotten to the point in my calorie counting where I’m close to my goal weight and I get a little lax somedays.  So when we got to the bar it wasn’t excessive alcohol I wanted, but excessive food.

I got a dozen oysters on the half shellf, calamari, babyback ribs and a cheese plate… it was all amazing.  The Spaten Oktoberfest wasn’t bad, but the food was amazing.  And there was people and talking… and niceness.

Life was good… is good.  It’s hard sometimes to realize all the good things.  We tend to focus on the ickie stuff.  But there’s so much nice.  And despite the hordes and the long walk home I’m glad about the good life.  I’m glad about you.  Hanging out.  making my life good.  I appreciate it.  And you.

Thanks guys.


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