Say it ’til it stops making sense.

Sometimes when I’m having trouble with something I’ll research it.  Cold facts about foreign concepts until i feel at home.  And I’ll look up quotes, and see how everyone feels and I’ll read them out loud until the words stop making sense.

Right now I’m thinking about the word change.  I was looking for something that described how I was feeling and I trawled around the internet looking at poems and quotes and songs… and all I really got was the sense that change is a funnie word.  Then I started reading Timmie’s facebook notes and and in the comments from Paige Allen on his note “On Settling” was exactly what i wanted.

“The best and worst thing in life is that everything changes.”

People come and go, and get married and have babies and move to pirate Kansas.  These things happen.  People go to school or get new jobs.  Things change too.  And I am both good and bad with change.  Good in that I mostly seek it out.  Bad in that when it’s change I wasn’t looking for I usually develop a feeling not unlike what I would imagine it feels like to be hit in the head by a semi truck.

I was gonna write something a bit longer and more insightful if I could manage it and then I was gonna go murder some bandits and harvest their blood. (Which is not getting any less creepie I might add.)  But instead I’m gonna drive to SPDT and harvest a ladder.

See me on Tuesday.  New Garage.  New job.  +2000 (right?)





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Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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