The Privileged

Some people in America today are upset.  They’re upset because a government that, they believe, should have the right to dictate what marriage means to all it’s citizens, will not also have the right to force those same citizens to take responsibility for their healthcare.

A favorite phrase in America is, “I have rights.”  or “I know my rights.”

What people always fail to note is that a right is also a responsibility. 
In this country you have a right to say what you want and believe what you want and the govenment will not shoot you or imprison you for it.

They also allow you weapons, so when your fellow citizens take offense you have something to protect yourself with.

Third one is a bit archaic, but says the government can’t house troops in your house.

No unwarranted search and seizure… who doesn’t love a good pun?

The govenment can’t take your things, or your life without a trial, or fair compensation.You don’t have to testify against your self and you can’t stand trial twice for the same crime except in a whole bunch of exceptions.

The sixth one gets you a speedy public trial in the manner you’re all aware of from watching TV.

Seventh on just says that civil suits get juries too, and that a jury’s word is law.

No excessive bail or cruel and unusual punishment… never says what might comprise these things.

Last one tells us that these are our rights and our states rights… no touchie!


There’s others listed other places, but when people say I have rights this is what they mean.  But no where no where does it say that you’re entitiled to free healthcare without payment.

But people expect it.  Hundreds of Thousands of people come to the hospital with no means of paying.  And they get treated, and treated well.  And then they go home and the hospital doesn’t get paid. 

For a culture with such a capitalistic bent we really hate big business and so no one cares.  But then hospital costs go up and insurance premiums rise… so that those who don’t pay can keep getting their healthcare.  Because things cost money.  It is a fact.  But, here I live in a country of people who believe tlhat NOTHING is free and still expect it to be.

I pay my care insurance because driving is a privilege and if I wreck other people’s stuff I need to have a means to pay for it.  This is understood and accepted.  But tell peopile that if they want health care they have to have insurance and suddenly the country is up in arms screaming about Constitutionality.  But if you suggest instead that people who can’t pay be turned away they’ll scream about that.

But someone has to pay.  Hospital costs continue to rise… one of those tiny cramped rooms that you share, that everyone is familiar with… that costs as much per night as a fancy hotel.  And it’s not because of the thread count in the sheets.  It’s because when you can pay for your bed, you’re paying for someone else’s bed as well.  So now we have a law that formalizes that system.  That says yes you’ll need to pay, but much less because EVERYONE is going to help, and it’s a terrible thing. 

Right now theres only one part of the bill that even worries me a little and the only people screaming about that are doctors.  Still… today, I have hope.  Not alot, but some.

Someday my country will be a forward thinking and fair state, instead of some puritanical backwater screaming about demons.

Until then… I’m going to have a porch beer.  To you America!


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Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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