Shouting at Dragons

So it happened… Timmie’s birthday was on November 9th. And on 11/11/11 Skyrim came out and The Ladie bought it for him. And I promised not to play it until he was done with it… or Christmas (whichever came first)

But I had off last week.
You know how it goes… Anyway… I’m in love.

I mean, it’s beautiful… and fun and enormous. I was completing some of my miscellaneous quests and in the process managed to acquire twenty more. I can’t turn around without someone asking me to do something. It’s maddening and wonderful and awesome.

And giants. You want to hate them. They’re huge and they can kill you with one hit… but they aren’t hostile and they kill you in such a GREAT way!

I’m only at level 17 and haven’t moved too far in the main quest, but I could spend WEEKS (read months) playing this game. I’m doing other stuff like decorating for Christmas and what not, but I’m not reaie to talk about that.

I’m always ready to talk about Skyrim.

Also… posting this link which is awesome! and so true.

Here’s to Lydia!


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