We’re so special.

So I work as a nurse at a hospital and occasionallie people will tell me that I’m an angel or that I possess unique qualities that make me a sooper nice human being. (The angel part is a direct quote, the last bit is me paraphrasing.) So I have a sort of a problem with this, which is that I am not an angel and am not reallie a terriblie nice person. I’m not arguing that I am an awful person, but I am probablie more at the middle of the nice/awful scale.

So anyway, I’m not special. I like my job because it is never ever dull… so parts of it are like giving report and charting… but most of it’s not. Also I wear my PJs to work (not my actual PJs because sleeping in those clothes would be gross gross gross, but I would wear scrubs to bed… and occasionallie do (other scrubs not ones I work in)). Oh, and they pay me. So not an angel.

And it bears saying that I’ve been watching Vlogbrothers videos alot recentlie… I’m finished now… until they post a new one, but for today, all done. So they talk about the specialness of people. Wheather it’s important that we’re special. Someone posted Hank’s quote about the world being less good without us in it. And I think that’s relevant…

But I geuss it just got me to thinking that we aren’t special, except in one very small and completelie non unique way and this has to do with The Fault In Our Stars, which I finallie pre-ordered (Thank you Nikki)… which is that we ARE headed for oblivion. There will be a day when no one remembers our name or what we did and even the things we did will be dust. And here we are doing them anyway.

I think that’s special. We still plan birthday parties and bridal showers and knit gloves and make paper christmas tree ornaments and spend our free time working for free for the momentarie magic of a play. We make Thanksgiving dinner and plans for the future.

And I think it’s because it is written on my book mark (I wrote it there), or because I’ve been looking at the quotes that others have chosen to remember that I’ve been thinking about this quote.

“I think that future deserves our faith.” John Green

And I geuss that’s enough… cause if I don’t go get dressed now I’ll be late for work.
But as a P.S. I think everyone who thinks about these sorts of things should read Small Gods. (Terry Pratchett)

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