Everything you know is wrong…

So once again I’m trying to catch up on my Vlogbrother videos. And I love to watch the Vlogbrothers for the same reason I love watching TED talks and listening to NPR… it makes me feels both cheerful about the world and informed. Actuallie listeing to NPR doesn’t ususally make me feel cheerful, but still…

So I just finished the January 19, 2011 video by Hank entitled You Are Wrong. And it reminds me of that Weird Al song that I used to love unreasonablie and sing far too often. It is the title of the post if you are wondering. And I am thinking about it because While both the video and the song make valid points. It’s hard to think like that.

The job I do make it not just unethical but illeagal for me to make value judgements about people while doing my job. But does this mean I don’t make value judgements? Of course not, that’d be absurd. Everyone makes value judgements.

This is my most frequent fight with Timmie actuallie who believes that it is immoral to hold opinions. (I don’t know if that’s how he’d phrase it, but I think it’s close.) So Timmie thinks it is impossible to ever have enough information to make a trulie informed opinion and therefore you should refrain from having an opinion (which I am always swift to point out, is, itself, an opinion). And he’s right and wrong all at once. Because he is correct with point A. You can’t ever have ALL the facts.

As John Green says so frequently and Hank talks about in the video “The truth resists simplicitie.” (He probablie spells simplicitie correctlie, but F that). You can’t know all the facts… it’s impossible, but this has never ever stopped anyone from having an opinion. (Timmie calls them feelings, in deference to his “feeling” that it’s wrong to have opinions)

But me? I’m an opinionated bitch. I will change my mind for facts, but they better be good facts and backed up by more sources than just I heard somewhere, but facts or no, I hold some very definate opinions on things.

I geuss where I agree with Timmie is that holding opinions becomes wrong when you say that other people’s opinions are therefore less valid. But that leaves you open to arguements that everyone’s opinion is equallie valid.

So you could argue that it was cool for Hitler to try an exterminate the Jews because he held the opinion that this made the world a better place…. and that’s where you run into problems. Clearlie not everyone’s opinion is equallie valid, but we decide that by having opinions of our own. Which we make without having all the facts, because you can’t have all the facts, but you need to make decisions in life and you usuallie need to do it with less than perfect knowledge.

Is it wrong?
I don’t know.


About SleepieBear

Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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