all of space and time…

I geuss I should start off by talking about today. We went grocerie shopping, if you must know. son I bought stuff to make appetizers with… also I baked cake. Cupcakes for the Ladie. Key lime… yum? Timmie tells me it’s not bad. He’s my official taste tester.

I’m still reading At Home a brief history of Private Life by Bill Bryson. It’s very interesting. I’m also reading Boneshaker which is sort of the prequel to Dreadnaught which I’ve already read. I hate when that happens. It happens to me alot. I got this one book at a book fair… it was book five in a fourteen book series. I am caught up on all my new books tho… except “At Home”.

I also finished a new glove. I haven’t started it’s mate, but I got this cool new yarn and I’ve got my fingers crossed that there’s enough to make a hat as well as gloves… I think it will look very cool.

I’m looking up felting… could be fun… I sort of started an Etsy shop… In Stitches. (I reallie like the name) By sort of I mean that I put everything together for it but I haven’t put up anything to sell. Eventuallie I’d like to post my jewelrie and some of my knitted cloth stuff… I had this cool idead for a woven purse, but woven out of knitted strips… I think as soon as I finish the Doctor’s scarf and my gloves of course… and Andy’s hat… sheesh. Well maybe then I can do the bag.

Speaking of the Doctor… you knew we would… or maybe you didn’t. But watched the second to last episode tonight… might again tomoro, depending on other plans. It’s verie worrying. Timmie keeps pointing out how they’ve signed on for next season, but somehow it doesn’t make me feel any better…

I have a terrible feeling I know exactlie how the season is going to end…

So all of space and time…
where do you want to go?


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Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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