We’re here…

because we’re here…
because we’re here.

I posted today… it started out ok, but kind of faltered as I got a little lost in the thoughts.  I just watched “The Beckoning of Lovely” by Amy Krause Rosenthal.

It was lovelie.
I asks people to take whatever they are making that’s lovelie and send it in.  And I though to myself what I would send in, if I sent anything in.  What am I making that’s lovelie?

A life.  Love.

How do I show you those things.  Could you see me in my scrubs learning and teaching and helping?  Could you see me strolling down the streets of what is now my city?  Should I show you my library card?  Maybe I should have taken a picture that night at DipCo?  Should I tell you about holding hands with Timmie?  Should I tell you about phone calls with The Ladie?  There are no pictures, no songs, no poems, no words, or art to explain the life… the love.

The joy… the lovelie.


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