Paradoxes and fate…

I’m laying in bed talking to Timmie.  I know that Timmie is asleep, but he’s talking back, sort of.

“I love you.”
“I love you too”
“I think you’re just saying that out of habit”
no answer… he starts snoring.
“What’s two plus two”
You problie said that out of habit too.”
“What’s twelve times twelve?”
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”
“fifteen plus eighteen”
“two times six”
eight plus four”
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”

At this point I start laughing uncontrollablie and wake him up for real.  I tell him about our conversation and ask him what thirty plus fifteen is until he gives me the right answer and falls back to sleep in under a minute.  He’s very good at sleeping.

So I'[m left laying awake in bed thinking about Doctor Who.  Recently we switched cable companies and started getting BBC America and I’ve developed sort of a problem.  I watch Doctor Who anytime I’m not cleaning, sleeping, reading or watching VlogBrothers.  I watch all of them.  I cry at most.   I worry that something might be wrong with me that I cry at Doctor Who so much.

This all leads me to my next thought, which is that I sort of almost kind of but not reallie believe in fate.  I think that things happen because they are meant to happen but i also believe that we make our destinies.  I geuss that I believe that we choose the things that happen to us.  That are meant to happen to us.

The one where the Pandorica opens… but no spoilers… so…

I’m locked in prison with fantastic medical care.  I have one friend alive outside or the prison and one friend dead/dying outside the prison.  Niether has a key.  I have a key but it only works from the outside.  My future self shows up and gives the key to my friend.  My friend frees me and we put the dead/dying friend in prison where they are saved by the awesome medical care.

Its technically a paradox, but you accept, because people’s brains work like that.  If you did it than you do it.  If it happened you did it.  Can you say you only did it because someone told you you already had?

It would break your brain to think about.

Terry Pratchett writes about the trousers of time… There’s a line attributed to Granny Weatherwax… “Isn’t it enough to know that everything happens somewhere?”

The basic theory is that you have a person and they make a choice and a universe is created for all the other choices they could have possiblie made.  But not ALL possible options… only the ones that the person would have chosen.  Some people argue that a universe is created for all possible options.  That literallie everything happens somewhere.  But I prefer to think that the timelines are limited by the person they involve.

Because a person can do anything.

In a moment I’m going to stand up and go back to bed.  But I could go to the bathroom.  I could read, or watch tv or march outside in the alltogheter and jump in front of a car.  I COULD do anything, but would I?  Would I reallie?

Of course not… my choices are limited by the person I am now.  Some other Sara in some other timeline might think differentlie, or do differently, but that’s up to her.

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Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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