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I haven’t updated very much recently.  The reason for this is a book.  I have been working, but when I was not working, I was reading that book.  I was a book I got from the library… it was due last Monday.  I have not yet returned it, or renewed it.  Which is odd in its way, as the title of the book is “The Book Thief”.  It’s a book about words and about humans.  And that might just be the only review you need.

“I am haunted by humans.”

It’s something I’ve been running into lately.  Dr. Who is back on television, and I have Dish Network now and not Comcast, so I can watch it.  And the thing is that the reason I like Dr. Who, the reason I like  The Book Thief, the reason I like Good Omens, its the same reason.

It doesn’t say that humans are good and it never says that they’re evil.  Humans are human. (I’m almost certain that there’s a name for a sentence like that, but I”m having trouble finding it). They’re good and bad together in one group, in one person.

That’s a beautiful thing.  To be both.  To have both.  Joy and anger and ecstasy and sorrow.

There’s a phrase in an Ayn Rand book… “the heroic in man”  And being good is the heroic.

Nerdfighters decrease world suck.  This is the heroic.

It’s my favorite law of thermodynamics.
“Entropy in a closed system never decreases.”

And I’m not that good at physics, or really complicated math, but I’ve always understood it to mean that things move towards the simplest state.  Energy turns to heat.  Buildings turn to sand. But people are the opposite of that.  They can be heroic.

“Fight Entropy.”




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