Now anyone (or mabye not) could tell you that the title of this blog is pronounced “gill tee”.  The spelling stems from two things.  (A) I read too much Terry Pratchett and he uses the word gilt and guilt sort of interchangeablie whenever it might be punnie to do so.  (It’s not punnie here, but I love the pun so much) (B) I don’t like the letter y.

I get alot of crap about my dislike of the letter y.  Why (should it be whie?) would you use two letters when one would suffice?  I don’t know. I mean I do… it’s cause I like “ie” whereas I think “y” is prettie dull.  Alot of people feel that this isn’t a good reason and that I should stick with spelling convention and use the y.

I think my major unwillingness to do this stems from something my grandfather told me a lot when I was younger.  which was this. “You should know all the rules and you should follow them until you can know them and the reasons for them.  And then if you still want to break them… go for it.”  Ok he didn’t say it like that, he’s a very eloquent and well read person and he probablie said it shorter and sweeter, but I paraphrased and you get it, which is the point of communication.

Which is why (or whie) I don’t feel guiltie about my “ie”.  Because spelling convention is designed so that it is easier for people to understand each other, but I’m prettie sure that my replacement of y with ie doesn’t make it too much more difficult, unless maybe english isn’t your best language or if you’re just reallie bad at sounding out words.

But thousands (actually thousands, and possiblie millions) of people have read “The Clockwork Orange”  and no one gives that guy crap.  They think he’s brilliant, which, hey, maybe he is.  And maybe an unwillingness to conform to social norms is more acceptable if people also think you’re brilliant.

Which I geuss is my incentive to try and be brilliant, but honestlie, brilliance isn’t my thing.  I realize that this statment may be offensive to some people.  Generally people who think that ambition is everything, but see to me brilliance is a stand out kind of qualitie.  And while I hate to keep refrencing the same people over and over again…

Let’s look at Terry Pretchett, The Green Brothers (VlogBrothers), Niel Gaiman, Julia Nunes…

These are people who set out to do something and did it.  They work hard… admittedlie they work hard at things they love but should your love or loathing of a subject make working at it any less laudable? I work average.  I work hard enough, but not reallie hard.  Which is why I could maybe write a book, but even if I did would never attempt to get it published.  It’s why while I might dream of having a bakerie, I don’t strive towards one.

I geuss I might consider myself a pedestrian instead of a marathoner.  I’m going in the direction I want, but I’m doing it slowlie… and I’ll prollie get side tracked, but I’ll likelie… I think… get there in the end.  Whereas a marathoner runs his fastest along a set path towards one goal.  As a metaphor it could prollie use some work, but I think it makes my point.

I like the fact that I can make enough money to be happie and still sit home 3 or 4 days a week.  I know that if I didn’t sit home those days I could be a whole lot better off than I am, but better off how?  We would certainly not be having Chocolate rasberry shortcake for dessert tonight if I was working today.

Also I said I wasn’t going to go to BJ’s and the Librarie today because it was raining, but alas it has stopped raining and my excuses are gone.  So I’m going to fish some quarters out of the Partie Pig and get my butt out the door.

O also… I finished Nation yesterday… Awesome.

Reading Dreadnaught now… I like it so far, but the main character is a nurse, so I might be biased.


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