Walking Tall

So awhile back a friend told me about a pair of brothers who were communicating via vlog for one whole year and, intrigued, I watched;  Awed and in love I subscribed.  And so I watch VlogBrothers videos.

I don’t keep up as well as I might because frankly there’s alot of them, but yesterday and today I was catching up and I found one that through inattention I had previously missed.  And it made me clap… in my house, by myself.

This is the video.

It’s Hank Green talking about healthcare in the United States.  It’s quick, it’s eloquent… franklie, I found it beautiful.  And as a subject near and dear to my heart I want everyone to watch it, because information is important to have.  Especially about a subject that people get so fired up about.

I listen to a lot of people tell me about how awful socialized medicine is and then complain about how the government should make medicare cheaper.  This hurts my brain.  So please, take a minute or four, and watch this video.  And then you can still have your opinions, but you can frame them in ways that make sense.

Thank you.
Also, Thank you VERY much Mr. Green.

And now for some KOL.

About SleepieBear

Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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