So there are a lot of arguments against anarchie.  Lack of police force / firefighters / community works projects, but never included in these lists is lack of congress, lack of president, lack of taxes.

Today is April 15 the day where as responsible capitalistic citizens we try to figure out a way to give as little of our money to the government as possible.  And if you’re poor, but not quite poor enough, this is a difficult feat.  To reallie screw Uncle Sam good and proper you need an accountant… these are pricie.  You can also hire a tax company, or buy a program, this is also fairlie pricie.  And when you can’t afford pricie… you can do it yourself.  First you have to collect all of your tax documents

5 W2s
2 1099s
1 1098 INT
1 1098 T

And you have to hope that you haven’t moved or changed jobs, or donated money to charity, or had alot of unreimbursed expenses, or had medical or dental problems.  Because all these things will make the work more complicated.  And it’s already pretty complicated

It starts off easily enough.  You made this much money according to your W2s and you paid this much taxes on it.  Was it enough?  Was it too much?  Was it too little?

Then you get 1099s or if you have your own business your Schedule C

and you can put in all the money you made or lost and they tax that

What if you have a rental property?  Well that’s income isn’t it?
And didn’t you win 10$ on that lottery ticket you got at Christmas?  Income!

And maybe you qualify for deductions or credits or adjustments…

And now that you’re done paying the feds it’s time for your state and local governments to get their cuts.

The government is run by people who get paid for doing a job that doesn’t require a huge skill set.  Can I talk big and sit on my butt?  Do I know lots of long words?  Can I convince a majority of the nation’s idiots to vote for me?  YES!  Well golly be!  Lets get paid ass tons of money for… well for what?

A politician’s biggest concern, after staying within party lines, is to get reelected.  This means he (or she) doesn’t neccesarilie do what’s right for the people.  He does what will make the people happie… so that they’ll vote for him again next year.  This means that he overlooks things like whether or not the nation can afford his programs, or what consquences his actions might have, so long as they serve to get him reelected.  And YOU pay for this.  You pay our nations soldiers.  You pay for missles and helicopters and fancy town cars and airplanes so that your government can look good when they go to meet other governments.  You pay out of pocket for every dime the government spends.  And in fairness, you do get some of it back, roads are built, and traffic lights are installed.  There are programs that help YOU the people out… in theory.

Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security.

I’m 26 now.  Do I realisticallie think that when I retire these programs will still exist?  No.  And yet the government would never cut spending for them because they’re for the people.  The people who elected them want these programs that will drive our nation deeper and deeper into debt every year.  And because politicians care more about getting reelected than about the good of the people they’ll fund these programs with their last dime and then they’ll borrow more to keep funding them.  And when they run out of places to borrow from and a government shutdown is threatened, do they worry?  Of course not, they aren’t the ones who won’t be getting paid.  It’s the soldiers and the other civilian workers doing their nine to five job that give up their pay.

What about congress you ask?  Well they vote for their own raises, and they can never not get paid.  Didn’t you know that they perform an essential governmental service?  And YOU pay for this.  I pay for this.

And that paying isn’t easie.  It costs money and takes time.  It take special training to reallie understand it.  Is that right?

And you might argue that this is an angrie rant, but shouldn’t I be angry?

And if I shouldn’t be angry now, when should I be angry?
Every year more laws are passed and my freedoms are further and further restricted.
Every year government spending goes up.
And so do my taxes.

I’m not even arguing that taxes are wrong.  I understand the value of taxation in government.  You need to pay a military, you need to have roads and postmen and fire and police services, you need an enforce, but it is outrageous  and outraging that the government makes it so difficult to give them my money.  And then after I painstaking figure out how much money I owe them and work my but off so they can have it, when they get it they spend it irresponsiblie.

Maybe I shouldn’t be as angry as I am, but I can’t see why not.


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