Cliche for a reason

One man can change the world.

Think about Archduke Franz Ferdinand.  You learn his name when you learn about the first world war and you can vaguely remember being taught that his death was the cause of the first world war, but you probably can’t remember why.  How does the assasination of the heir apparent to the Austo-Hungarian throne by Bosnian Serb assassins kick off a war that spans the globe?  I don’t know.

I looked it up and I’m not really sure, but loads of important people, or historians at the very least agree that this is true.

So one man can in fact make a difference.

The other cliche I’d like to address isn’t so much a cliche as a belief.

A man isn’t dead while his name is still spoken.  The our life goes on as long as the ripples we made in life go on.
And then I’d like to talk about one man whose ripples have made a difference.  Whose name I hope will be spoken for millenia to come.

Mohammed Bouazzi.

You know who he is even if you don’t recognize the name.

The man who set him self on fire.  Self Immolation.  It’s a peculiar phenomenon.  And people take notice.  An entire world will notice.

Tunisia revolted.

And so on.

And the world is watching. And waiting.

to see how much difference one man can make.

how much thousands can make.



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Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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