A Lack of Snow…

I my alarm went off at 4:42 and the first thing I did, even before I turned it off was look outside and determine that it hadn’t snowed an inch.  Then I put on some clothes and set off.  At six Daisy and I came to a skidding halt between the twin steel beams that hold up the Hallam exit sign on 30 west.  I lost my shit for about two minutes.  Heart racing, breath coming in gasps, my hands still gripping the steering wheel as if I could will a couple thousand pounds of steel to not kill me.

So it hadn’t snowed, and with the defroster on everything that hit my windshield looked like rain anyway.  Turns out that just like the weather man had been saying all morning it was icy.  Well, duh you say.  And I get it.  I knew the roads wouldn’t be perfect, but no one else seemed to be having any trouble.   So once I got breath back and two very nice gentleman help shove me back on the highway… Thank you very much, whoever you are!… I turned around and went home at a much slower pace than the 50 I had gone out at.  So it’s 7 am and I’m home and I’m wide awake laying in my bed trying to go back to sleep like anyone with a half a brain in their head obviously would.

But I’m  looking out the window at the slowly rising sun and I’m thinking about how much I love snow.  It’s soft and clean and makes everything look new and fresh.  And yeah you might have to shovel it or risk getting it in your socks, but I can drive in snow. I’ve been doing it for ten years now and four wheel drive makes driving in snow a possible thing.

But ice doesn’t care about four wheel drive.  You need chains and another ton or two of car before ice even takes notice.

On the plus side, I have time to take Daisy to a mechanic now.  The question is though, weather I want to risk it.


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