My second self has lost it’s brain…

So I get e-mails from Ted.  To be honest I don’t remember what Ted stands for and this is because I watch the Ted talks because I’ve always wanted to be someone who watches TED talks… not because of any political or social activism.  Which (totally off topic) reminds me of an A Softer World comic…

#626 There should be a word for the things we do, not because we want to, but because we want to be the kind of person who wants to.

Anyway… emails from TED.

Amber Case is a cyborg anthropologist (which, even though it’s got the word anthropologist in it, sound like one of the coolest jobs ever).  So she studies the link between humans and technology and how they evolve and change together.

Watch the video now…

So she talks about our first and second selves… and you can think of the social networking site Second Life.  We go out into the world and we talk to people and eat food and fold laundry and probably at some point go to the bathroom and this is our life, but it’s not all of it.  We also twitter and facebook and blog, and we talk to people that perhaps we’ve never met… this is our second life.  Our second self.

And our brains are our computers, our smart phones, our digital cameras…

I was reminded of how some nurses still refer to the sheet of paper in every nurses pocket as a brain.  It’s how you keep track on the go of who’s had what done to them.  It knows what you need to know… you carry it in your pocket and it’s your brain… and it makes sense that my phone does this job for me.

It knows when important birthdays are. and holidays.  It knows my schedule and the phone numbers of people I like to call.  It knows what web comics i read and it has maps to all of the places that I think it’s important to go to.

In an odd way your phone is you…

Which brings us to the other TED talk I watched.

This one by Neil Pasricha, a blogger.  He talks about the three A’s of awesome and I’m going to start with the second because it’s kind of bothering me

AUTHENTICITY… being who you are.

So who I am is a girl in love with a boy, a daughter, a nurse, a friend, an opponent, a roomate and so on.  And I pretty much am the same person, no matter where or when you meet me.  Although shyness depends on location and circumstance.  But Authenticity also means doing what you think is right even if it ends up wrong.  I’m having an issue with that at the moment.

so moving on.

ATTITUDE… going on despite it all.

This one reminds me of the Nick Hornby quote from High Fidelity “Some people never got over Vietnam or the night their band opened for Nirvana. I guess I never got over Charlie”

I geuss the point being that we need to get on with life.  The big the small, the in between… as someone else once put it… this too shall pass.

and  AWARENESS… just being aware

Three year olds and Buddhists are all about this.  Pay Attention.  Look at things.  REALLY LOOK.  Things are interesting.

And these things are Awesome… Amazing…

Terry Pratchett talks about how people have reality filters.  How we take a world that is fascinating and amazing in myriad ways and make it boring.  And this is something that people do. Stars explode and every atom in your body is constantly replaced and THERE IS BOREDOM.



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