Trick or Treat!

What do you mean you can’t go trick or treating on a Monday?

Before I might have agreed with you.  That was before I discovered arbitrary holidays.  See in every previous year I have celebrated Halloween on October 31st.  But this year I was informed that you can do it whenever you like.

So now I intend to show up at peope’s houses on random days of the year and attempt to extort candy from them.  Apparently this is the thing to do.

In all fairness, in previous years I had not left my candy shopping so late.  So if people had shown up at my door three nights before Halloween I might have had candy.  I’m still debating weather or not I would have let them have it.

But this year what happened was that while I was sitting down to enjoy my dinner there was a knock on the door.  Timmie thinking someone was having trouble with the lock got up to answer it and discovered a bunch of kids.  Trick or Treat!  on Friday,  October 29th.  So we turned out the porch light.  But it happened again.  I answered the door this time.  “It’s not Halloween,” I said.  But, No!  I was informed that I was mistaken.

Parents.  Halloween is October 31st.  It’s on any calendar.  You cannot arbitrarily decide that the calendar is wrong and revise it to suit your schedule.  ESPECIALLY when that holiday requires the participation of others.  If you want to move Thanksgiving, go for it.  I’m sure your family will understand.  Christmas even, no one will stop you.  But showing up at a strangers house on random nights of the year and demanding candy?  How do you justify this?

Anyway, now that I’ve ranted that to death.  I will tell you about my extreme lack of Halloweenness this year.  No party, no trick or treating, pumpkin only out on the night of… it was sad, but Happie All Saint’s Day people.

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Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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