Things I haven’t done…

This isn’t an earth shattering bucket list, it’s just a list of things that I’ve found in my new city and still haven’t done.

Gone the the science Factory

Gone to the quilt museum
Gone to the planetarium
Gone to the art museum
Gone to wheatland
Gone to any bar not Brendee’s, Dipco or Quip’s for a drink
Had a growler at LBC
Been on the LBC Brewery Tour
Been on the Stoudt’s Brewery Tour
Spent a day at the outlets

And I know there’s so many more that I haven’t even found out about yet.

The thing is that people move to new places and become a local so fast it makes your head spin.  I never did get to go on the City Hall Tour when I lived in Phillie.  You miss out on the things that are always there.  You forget about a building that is less than a minute’s walk from your house.  And when you’re short on cash or time you don’t take the time to explore things the way you might if you had more of either.  So it’s my goal to do all those things in Lancaster that I’d like to do.

But now it is time for the one thing in Lancaster that I verie firmlie do, which is go to wings at DipCo on Wednesdays.


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