The storie of a life…

So, it’s from a video game trailer, but they can afford to pay good writers, so I’m not ashamed of quoting it.

“My past is not a memory.  It’s a force at my back.  It pushes and steers.  I may not always like where it leads me, but like any story the past needs resolution.  What’s past is prologue.”

So the last part isn’t theirs, but it works.

I’ve always felt something like this.  Our past is who we are and if we’re okay with where we are today then should we really regret that past?  Even if there were bad moments and horrors?  I been reading and that always makes me introspective.

I just finished “Son of a Witch”, which I have been meaning to read ever since I finished “Wicked” years ago.  And I guess with that quote drifting about in my head and that book being what it is, it made an impression.  Resolution is important.

I geuss I think about my life as a play in which I’m kind of a supporting actor.  I think in terms of resolution and climax.  I know that life isn’t a book (probably), but I still think about my life as the storie it tells.  The storie of a girl who grew up and led a life that was, in comparison to so many lives, painfully ordinarie.  And I’m okay with this for one big reason, which is, that to me it never was.

And I don’t know the ways that other people think.  I don’t know if they think of their childhood as exposition, if they wonder what the resolution will be like, and how it all will end.  I only know I do.  I see my life as a series of little hills, Freytag’s pyramid running on into infinitie.  (Except of course it’s not.)

The final denouement will come and I like to think I’ll be content at least if not happie about the way it all turns out.  To you it might be just another sitcom, one of those done to death ones, and will be bored by what to me was a great rise and fall in the plot.  But I garuntee you that I wasn’t, and haven’t been.

I loved it.  And I don’t plan on dying anytime soon, though really who does, so I geuss I got a lot of living and loving left to do.


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