Wage Slaverie…

I want to be a wage slave… or more correctlie, a wage volunteer. (You do sign up for it after all)  Because here’s the thing, I haven’t had a full time job since early May, and I’m starting to lose it.

People complain about their jobs, it’s probably people’s number one thing to complain about and I get that.  People who don’t complain about their jobs are strange luckie folk and possiblie gods.    But at the same time I want a job.  I want to work.  I want to get in my car at an ungodlie hour and drive to a building where I perform a service that I spent years learning to perform.  I’ve spent over 60 thousand… SIXTIE THOUSAND dollars in order to get this job… I’m not even counting the hours or the things I gave up… so that I could be a nurse.

And now I am. I’ve got the paper to prove it.  Sara Ferenchak, RN.

And I cannot get a job.  I have “no experience”.  I’ve given shots and bed baths and done treatment and I know how to do it and that if given half a chance I could.  But there are no chances.  I can’t even get a job as an LPN.  I can’t get a job as a CNA.  I can’t get a job as patient transport.  I’ve been doing freelance for a theater/event planning company.  And while I enjoy it, it is not what I want.  I got a temporary job at a flu clinic and I’ll be glad when I can put that on my resume, because at least it will be something.

The thing is that without the experience you’re not reallie a nurse.  You’ve got the letters sure, but you don’t know by heart the steps for every procedure, you’re not intimately familiar with the exact does and names of over 200 drugs.  You get that with time and practice and experience.  Which I haven’t got.

Still, I said I’d be a nurse and I will.  It’s just taking a little longer than I like and even tho I’m not a patient person, I will get there.  I will be a wage volunteer, just like nobodie ever wants, but everyone mostlie is.


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