Out of touch

I’ve been out of touch.  No facebook, not a lot of phone calls, and rarelie an input here.  But I’ve been busie.  Swear.

With what?  Well… moving, cleaning, school, looking for gainful employment… etc.

I’m in Lancaster.  Saw a quote the other day that I really enjoyed…” Living with your boyfriend sounds a lot better than fucking your roomate.”  So I’m living with my boyfriend.

I’m taking 492B… for those of us unluckie enough not to pass our HESI the first time… and the second time.  I’m doing well on the trial tests… not that I know what this means.  Got a 92 on the adult and an 84 on the Leadership.  Could be good.  I’ll find out next week.  Class is only once a week for three hours tho, so…

I’m despratelie seeking employment.  Rite Aid, Planned Parenthood, four different banks and any and every hospital or doctor’s office in a 25 mile radius.

The cleaning… well that’s payment and hopefully I can start paying with cash instead.

So my life is putting itself together and if I had a job, I’d be there.  I’m missing some important knowledge (thank god for Turbo Tax and e filing ((double thanks to the internet))) and I’m flat ass broke and in debt up to my eyes, but I think it’s going well.

The only real problem?  I miss my friends and my life.  The fix?  Well visiting them obviously.  Trong is getting married soon so there’s lots of visiting opportunities right there.  I’m making appointments with the rest… and I’m joining clubs.

My first attempt is the SCA.  Society for Creative Anachronism… it’s like the middle ages… minus all the icky bits.  I’m excited/nervous… so there’s that.

Next stop… bicycle club.  I got a bike… I like riding it, so I’m going to do it with other people… fun right?

Ah well… I’m on a diet, and trying to manage my money better and I’m cleaning up my act.  I’ma be a big girl!

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Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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