The Life of a Secret Geek

I don’t own any hats with cat ears or teeth.  I don’t have stockings with stripes on them.  And even though I know what cosplaying is, I’ve never done it.  I live the life of a secret geek.  There are those who might argue that I’m not really a geek and I wouldn’t argue back, because to me part of what makes a geek a geek is the dedication.  I simply haven’t got it.

I played StarCraft like a maniac for maybe a year.  They knew my name on BattleNet.  I was in a clan.  And then I wasn’t.  I read Sci-Fi, but it’s not something I talk about, because none of my other friends read Sci-Fi.  I know basic HTML and I read webcomics.  I played Final Fantasy and now I play Oblivion, but deep down, I just don’t have the devotion.  I might be able to tell you who made the games, but it’s not likely.

There’s no special upgrades on my computer that make games easier to play.  I don’t keep track of release dates.  I don’t even know the purported release date of my beloved StarCraft II.  I own a PS2 with only four games.  My PC game collection is only slightly larger and most of them are Monkey Island games.  I have been a secret geek.

What’s different now?  My boyfriend is also a geek, and so are his friends.  And they talk about web comics and games and Sci Fi books.  And more importantly, they go to conventions.

So last weekend I went to Boston for PAX East.  PAX East is a convention sponsored by Tycho and Gabe (Jerry and Mike) of Penny Arcade.  Penny Arcade is a webcomic featuring (for the most part) game related jokes.  They also run a charity called Child’s Play which donates games to hospitals for sick kids.  This was the first year that PAX was held on the east coast and I was there.

And I had fun.  I got a free t-shirt and bought a poster and almost played a video game in public (which is totally against my rules).  I played my first ever game of Magic… and won.  It was a good time.

I also went to the Sam Adams Brewery and I had fun there too.  In fact I am completely in love with the city of Boston and if it were about ten degrees warmer I would move there in a heart beat.


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