Spring has sproinged.  So it’s not the 21st.  Not even the 20th.  But nonetheless, today is the equinox.  Or so says one of Lauren’s friends on his away message.  Today also happens to be St. Patrick’s Day.  The ultimate celebration of green.  And everyone I know (except Lauren) (and Ladie) is out getting their Irish on.

What am I doing?  Preparing for the end of my career as a student.  I have enough money for one more month of rent and I have no job as yet.  Thursday is my Gero final and Saturday is my Comprehensive HESI.  O my god… the time is taking forever to pass.  I want to be comfortablie numb in some bar somewhere, all cuddled up to the comfiest boy in the world.  I’m slowlie going insane.  I’m not tired at all but I keep thinking I should go to sleep so that it’s tomoro.  I’m not hungrie, but I keep getting up to wonder over to the fridge and stare into it’s depths.

Why won’t time pass?

Spring is my favorite month and you know what.  I suspect that this is going to be one of the better springs, because from right here… it can only go up. sproing.


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Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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