A Cat Person.

There are people who love animals, all animals.  There are people who hate animals, all animals.  And there are a plethora of people in between who love or hate different animals depending on a variety of qualities.

I am a cat person.  I don’t hate dogs.  I think they’re cute and fun and smart and I wouldn’t mind owning one, but if I could only have one pet… I’d have a cat.  Reallie I love all animals, even the not so cute and furry ones.  But I feel a kinship with cats.

Their curious, and adorable, and vicious, and playful.  They live my own personal dream, which is to eat, sleep, poop and play at my leisure.  They are also, on the whole, cuddlie… which is endearing and independent, which makes it that much nicer that when they do lie down with you, it always feels like an honor.

I have had any number of cats in my life time.  I have not been without one since the age of five, when I met Stripes.  Stripes was a domestic american short hair grey tiger.  That’s how the vet wrote it, but really he was a mutt.  My dad brought him home from work where he found him trapped with his brother in a wall space at a warehouse where he was working.  Stripes and Whiskers.  Stripes was my cat, and I named him that because of course, he had stripes.

He was vicious.  He would let you pet him for a good long time and then without warning he would attack.  Once I came down the hallway too quickly and he jumped on my back and clung for dear life.  He left dead mice, and birds, and full grown rabbits on the front porch.  He only had one testicle when my dad brought him home.  He wasn’t a sweetheart, but he was a cat and I loved him.  And in return he would sleep on my feet at night.

I sometimes wonder if it is this simple act of warmth seeking that cats perform at night that has forever endeared them to me.  Can you adore a thing for simply keeping your feet warm?  I would lay there completely still for fear that if I moved he would leave… or remove my toes with his teeth.  And he would knead the bed and often my legs until he felt he could settle in.  And after he did, he would purr.  He lived to be 16, or maybe older.  One day he left the house and never came back.  It is my belief that he’s still out there… stalking anything that moves.

My next cat was Shadie.  My brother named him… after Slim Shady.  I got him when I was 16, for my birthday… and adopt a stray from the local pet shop.  He was an adorable kitten, but he grew into a perfectly vicious tom cat.  When indoors he is friendly and kind.  He’ll sleep with you and purr and rub his head on you.  I never actually knew what he did outside, but you’d find rabbits and groundhogs and dead things that remain unidentifiable because all that was left was a few nameless organs.  He’d come back bloody, or with scabs in places where you’d swear an animal couldn’t get scabs.  He died maybe a month ago… I still miss him.

The next cat I got, is really my mother’s cat.  A family of stray cats lives in the woods near where I live and every year they have kittens.  And one year, after Stripes left, I took it into my head to catch one.  Jinx… she was the first girl cat I ever lived with and she was sicklie the first three months I had her.  She lived in a box by the heater and she had to have medicine three times a day and special food that we had to make sure Shady didn’t steal.  My mom took care of her for the most part and a few years after I got her I moved into the dorms where they don’t let you have pets.  Jinx stayed home with my parents.  She still lives there.  She’s needie and cuddlie and covered in three inch long fur.

When I moved in with my (ex) boyfriend about five years later I got Kitten.  She was a Christmas present and I loved her.  She has the most beautiful two toned face, my ex thought she was uglie when we got her.  But I loved her and she was prollie the sweetest cat I have ever known.  She was rarely bad, she never scratched or bit.  She would put up with anything and she purred at the drop of a hat.  When my ex and I broke up, she stayed with him.  I miss her, but I know they’re happie together.  We had another cat too… but she was more his than mine and she stayed to.

Almost a year later I got my current cat.  Sunnie.  I got her from the Lancaster Humane Society and I named her Sunnie, because she is all black.  She is naughty and fiesty, but she loves me almost past rationality.  Sometimes I am convinced she thinks I am a cat.  She talks alot and when she is tired she will stay anywhere you put her.  As of today she has eaten six pairs of earphones.  And yesterday when I came home I found her chewing on my PS2 controller cable.

She is laying on me as I type with her paws stretched over the keyboard and everytime I move to type she “murrs” at me.  Every thing I own has cat fur on it and there is no place in my tiny studio that she has not been.  I am totally a cat person.


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