One pack of birth control pills…

I’m in school.  I’ve been in school for more of my life than I’ve been out of it. and since January of 2005 I have been going to school without a break.  In the time it takes to finish one whole pack of birth control pills (sugar pills and all)  I will be done.

Tomoro I have my last quiz before finals, and after that it’s two presentations, a paper and BAM… the quest is over. Critical Care Final, Gerontology Final and then on Saturday March 20th, the thing I’ve been waiting for, the thing I’ve been fearing… the FINAL HESI.

Drexel ACE has a 99% NCLEX pass rate… and this is how they get it.  they require that you pass a comprehensive HESI with an 87% or better.  If I don’t pass I have to retake it.  On my Birthday.

I’m not even scared anymore.


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