from the Anglo-French communer, to share.  Any movie you watch these days, the first thing they do to create conflict, is get rid of the cell phones.  They”ve got all sorts of ways to do it, but most of them seem contrived.  So sometimes they don’t get rid of the cell phones, instead they simply imbue the characters with no desire to tell anyone they are working with anything about what they are doing.

And it works.  The second people stop talking all sorts of things start going wrong.  It happens everyday.  They estimate that communication errors in the medical field are the most common cause of preventable injurie or death.  Communication failure was implicated in the Challenger explosion and was also responsible for the release of poison in a city in India.

When people don’t talk things go wrong.  And the terrible part is that people know this and they still don’t talk.   People don’t tell you what they think because they don’t want to be judged or they don’t want to hurt.  White lies are ok.   Everyone hears this at least once.  If someone asks you if their outfit looks good you should say yes, even when it doesn’t.  This is polite…

But you’ve just sent someone who trusts you out to face the multitude of humanity in something they will judge against that person.  If someone asks you you’re opinion on something you should say what they expect, even if it’s not correct.

As a student nurse you’re often asked to help out with charting.  And because most hospitals document by exception this is not a big deal.  You go down the systems and you see how your patient is doing.  If it’s good it gets a check if it’s bad it gets a star.  the problem is that often you’ll be prepared to check off a system when you notice that every other nurse has documented it with a star. And you second geuss yourself, because after all you’re just a student.  So you get your primary nurse’s opinion and she agrees with you.  And you realize that good, qualified, licensed nurses have been going along with this because it’s what everyone else says.

This is what people do.  In someways it’s how you define realitie… surelie you’ve hear the saying fifty million people can’t be wrong?  But they can, and they often are.

Because people don’t talk.  People don’t say things because human nature is to punish for words that hurt.  You hurt me so I’ll hurt you back.  And they never stop to consider the value of the words.

Does this outfit look ok?  Well, it’s not terrible, but you’d look better in a blue shirt.  Telling the truth doesn’t have to hurt.  Some people use honesty as a way to hurt people while pretending to be brave or wise.  But you can be honest without being cruel.

And you can tell the people you trust anything and if they’re the right people they’ll listen to you and maybe they will judge, and maybe they will laugh, but they won’t stop loving you.

And reallie, when you get right down to it, what more can you ask for?

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Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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