Dear Death

or maybe it should be

Dearest Death,

the form of address is important… is death an aquaintance?  a friend?  a fellow colleague?

Mr. Death,

What do you say to such a colleague?  Do you compliment him on his consumate professionalism?  Do you complain about those of his exploits that you have not enjoyed?  And is enjoyed really a word you want to use about death?

It all comes down to how you understand death… how important he is in your life and what you think about the work that he does.  Are you afraid? cautious? curious? envious?

As there are endless varieties of life so there are infinite ways to end it and a million ways to feel about the ending.

As a living person it is hard to think about death with enjoyment or relief.  It’s hard to contemplate that one day death might be a relief or even a joy.  But if you try to view it from the point of view of the deceased, is death such a terrible thing?

At best you are eternally consigned to a perfect moment of joy and at worst your consciousness is gone so there is nothing to feel.

That’s not how people think though.  People always see things through their own eyes, their own experiences their own beliefs.

So death is terrible.  even if life was hard or sad, it had it’s moments, its reasons, its joys, and so the ending of it is something to mourn.  And then there’s the fact that death often represents the loss of a loved one.  This life was important to me.  To all these people.  To the world.

It’s hard to say that you feel any single way about death.  And if you met Death… an actual embodiment of the departure of life… what reallie would you say?  My geuss… probablie nothing and if you said anything at all it would most likely be to wonder how he feels about his job.  How he is affected and what he thinks.

But you’re never going to meet Death.  And if you did, it would be when it was your time to die and you’d never be able to tell anyone about it.  So this is reallie mostlie pointless, but never the less…

Dear Mr. Death,

I’m sure you remember me.  You probably remember everyone, and that’s comforting in it’s way.  I don’t know how you feel about your job, but I geuss I hope that you don’t enjoy it.  Although, I geuss I would wish that you could take some small satisfaction in a job well done.

I know there are those that hate you.  There are people that think we would be better off without you.  Still I know that you serve an important purpose and even if I can’t love you I can respect that you have a job to do.  You should know that even though each of us at times resents you, many of us know that you’re an important part of life.  And I know that many come to you in despair and anger, I know that there are a few of who come to you with joy, or if not actual happiness then at least calm acceptance.

I would hope that that is how I meet you.  I hope that I could calmly accept the fact that someday, any day really, my life too could end.  I am not anxious to give up my time on earth, but I hope that when my time comes I could be graceful about it.  I guess the reason I wrote you is to ask that when my turn comes, be gentle.  After all, it’ll be my first time.

Yours, Eventually,

Sara Ferenchak


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Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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