Life in the aughts…

So I was born in the eighties.  It was a good time to be born… earlie enough that there were still good things on TV and late enough that you’ve been playing with a computer since you were five… not great things on TV, or a verie good computer, but the arguement stands.

However if you were born in the eighties the past decade has seen you turning into an adult, not totallie in the factual sense, but definatelie in the legal sense… in march of the new year, I will finallie be able to rent a car.  The thing I’ve found is that time changes as you age.  I’ve never had a great relationship with time, we don’t reallie understand how each other function, we can live together, but we don’t often speak.  When I was little… the minutes flew by, but each individual year took FOREVER to pass… now it seems that the minutes take forever, but the years are just whizzing past.

Still, people can get used to almost anything and that’s what time is about.  Giving of itself so you can adapt to the way things are… or change them.

I personallie am a big fan of the months between September and January.  I like Ladie’s Day and Halloween and T-Day and Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I even like Wintereenmas, but I’m not the biggest fan of New Years.  It’s not that I don’t have fun, it’s that I hate change, and while it never seems like it in the long run, it’s a prettie big change… especiallie when it comes looming up out of the post holiday daze like an iceberg out of the fog.

This past Christmas Eve I went to church at Our Mother of Sorrows in Bridgeport.  I like it there.  And I know that those of you who know my stance on things religious might not totallie get this, but even if I don’t reallie believe in god, I do believe in Church.  I would go on my own because mostly it is a lousie way to spend Sunday morning.  But on Christmas Eve is calming and almost magical.

I usually enjoy the sermon as well on Christmas Eve, it tends to be short well thought out and to the point.  This year, for the first time in my memory, I did not.  And this suprised me, because it started out so well.  It was about faith and direction and instead of highlighting why I didn’t like it, I’m goign to tell you why I could have.

First of all, faith…  I know I’ve looked up at one time or another how it is defined in the dictionarie, but to me faith is belief without proof.  Not just without, but inspite of, or not requring.  For instance I have faith in Santa Claus…  I read NORADs article on their Santa tracking program and it made me cry… I’ll link you…

It talks about how volunteers answer when questioned about their belief in Santa…

“‘We believe, based on historical data and 51 years of NORAD tracking information, that Santa Claus is alive and well in the hearts of people throughout the world.”

And it’s true.  You can believe in things without proof… god, or Santa, or even tooth faries, or the kindness of strangers.  You can keep believing even tho there were dinosuars or a big bang, or finding your parents putting out all your presents, or slipping a quarter under your pillow, or listening to the news.  Faith can survive all of that.  Faith is belief, with, without, or in spite of proof…  and without it well things would be prettie pointless.

Which brings us to direction.  There are people in the world whom others have referred to as directionless.  I have at one time or another been one of these people.  The thing about directionalitie, is people tend to only see where they’re going, and if you’re not going with them, then you aren’t going anywhere… you’re pointless.

The thing about direction is that you need to be able to see it, even if no one else can.  You need to have faith the the place you want to end up reallie does exist, or if it doesn’t, then you need to have faith that you’ll be able to create it.  And this is hard, if the picture you have for yourself isn’t the same as alot of people’s.  If you’re different or unconventional, or just checking out the sights.

I’m not saying you need faith or direction to survive, but I just might be saying you need it to live.  And you’ll get time, which everyone gets, even if it’s never enough.  And as it has so famouslie been said, maybe you won’t get what you want… but I’m thinking you’ll probablie get something that was worth the trouble…

fair compensation for a hard task, even if you can’t see it now… I have faith in people, and life being worth it, and happie endings.  And sometimes, you have to wonder if faith itself isn’t the reward.


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2 Responses to Life in the aughts…

  1. Me says:

    Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe! I’ll go and read some more! What do you see the future of this being?

    • sleepiecloud says:

      I haven’t updated in awhile, because life has been extremely hectic. I really just use it for what the title says, “Note to Self” I’ve always written things down and I like this format, because my handwriting sucks. So it’ll be whatever I’m into at the moment.

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