What CAN you do?

When someone encounters a new piece of technology, they first try to figure out what it will do.  For intance, (this is a big pet peeve of mine) copiers.  A copy machine WILL copy.  And pretty much anyone can do this.  You push the green button and bingo zingo… copues.  But that’s not all a copier CAN do.  Copiers these days can collate and staple and sort and fax and change from one sided to two sided and back again, and no one can use them.  Except me, and maybe you.

And the way I learn, is I push buttons, I read the menus, I check out my options.  But it works this way with anything.  An iPhone for instance.  One obvious thing that an iPhone does is make phone calls and by the same logic one would assume that it can also send text messages.  These are things the iPhone will do.  It will also download and run applications.  But that’s not all it CAN do.

For instance, and don’t tell anyone this, I happen to own and iPhone.  It’s the old standard 3G 8Gig.  It does not have a video camera and yet today at work someone showed me thier standard 3G 8 Gig with a working video camera.  This is something that the iPhone won’t do, but it CAN.

And I think that’s the hard part of learning new things.  It is often easy to see what something will do, but it can be a whole other thing entirely to know all the things is CAN do.  And maybe this is a geeky example, but occasionally I am forced to watch Stargate Universe… which is a good show I’ll admit, but in it Eli finds a device that is a video camera that’s what it will do, but what it can do, is lift a heavy sledge loaded with ice.

It’s the idea of possibilities.  I will breathe, but it’s not all I can do.


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